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  1. Music Love Shaman

From the recording Love Sombrero

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Came into the world
Wrapped in a melody
Choir from a hymn
Sounds like a symphony
Rhapsody in song
Violins and harps sing
Worm in through the ear
Gonna pull on your heart strings

Music Love Shaman
I’m your Rock ‘N Roll Daddy
After the show
Your momma’s gettin’ nasty
Climb into the backseat
Mustang in the valley
Music Love Shaman
I’m your Rock ‘N Roll Daddy

Verse #2:
Laughing bells are ringing
Trumpets all a napping
Beating on the tom-tom
Thunder starts clapping
Meteor showers blaze
Thunder vibrations
Cosmic radio waves

Chorus: Repeat
Verse #3:
Take you to the wood shed
Time for a lesson
My majestic riffs
You best not be messin’
Come down from the mountain
Make your ears bleed
Step aside youngster
Because I am the real thing

Chorus: Repeat