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  1. Beanie And Cecil

From the recording Love Sombrero

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Verse #1:
Once upon a time
A saloon so far away
Beanie plucks the banjo
To the ragtime’s word of praise
Spurs on a tall dark stranger
Wooden bar doors sway
Cecil tinkles the ivories
Fairy tale of a wishing well

Trollops in a chorus line
Gussied up on display
Bartender prays to the
Nectar of the gods
While Beanie and Cecil
Beanie and Cecil
Beanie and Cecil played

Verse #2:
Hit a fork in life’s road
High desert chaparral
One trail leads to sanctuary
One trail leads to hell
Into a narrow canyon
With a posse on his tail
Some with a lust for blood and treasure
Poison a wishing well

Chorus: Repeat

If you’ve got no guts
Here’s a belly full of lead
If you’ve got no brain
Here’s a bullet to the head

Verse #3:
Once upon a time
A saloon so far away
Dusty piano in the corner
Banjo strap that’s frayed
In a pool of blood
Beanie and Cecil lay
Raise a glass to
Ghosts of the past
Haunted by yesterday

Chorus: Repeat