From the recording Love Sombrero

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Verse #1:
Chop shop forget me not
Do you wanna ride
If I had a genie
I’d wish that you were mine
Chromed out, zoned out
Front end to the sky
Hydraulics jumpin’ Impala city style
(Muy malo)

Cruisin’ in the ville
Take it low and slow
Cruisin’ in the ville
I’m your puppet
We’re cuisin’ in the ville

Verse #2
Homegirls in Dittos
Eyeliner flared so wide
Plenty in the trunk
Hair feathered to the side
Pinstripe Zoot Suit
Panama red eyes
V-8 vibration
Smoking more than his tires
(Muy malo)

Chorus: Repeat

Verse #3:
Chop shop forget me not
La Ruca by my side
Draggin’ King and Story
Impala city style
Out on the street show
Glimmer in the light
Out on the boulevard
A Saturday night

Chorus: Repeat