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  1. In The Clique

From the recording Love Sombrero

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Verse #1
Washed out Tossed out
Hung out to dry
Mixed up Kick stuff
Don’t know why

I’m like He’s like
She did So did I
There so I know
Out there wanna try

Look at everyone
Who wants to fit in
Right on you’re a stunner
With all your best fast friends
Beyond a velvet rope
The party never ends
I guess I’ll have to crash the bash
I’ll cut into the front of the line

To get
In the clique (2)

Verse #2
You wish Who cares
So what Truth or lie
Last week’s hairstyle
Makes me wanna cry
New jeans Old scene
So hard to disguise
You didn’t scope me out
And I just wanna die

Pre-chorus #2
Hook #2

Where’s your invitation
We’re the uninvited
Be a little different
Sure to get slighted
No need to bother checking
My name is never on the list

To get in the clique … in the clique (4)
To get into your clique