From the recording Pajama Party A Go-Go

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Verse #1: Sea horses of courses
Ferris wheel in the wind
Blow your fortune on a dandelion’s empty stem
Abra ca dabra
Giant dipper meets it’s end
Organ grinder
Hear the barker sing

Chorus: Hoke-e-see Poke-e-see
Happens magically
Hoke-e-see poke-e-see
Sense it, feel it, believe

Verse #2 Mermaid’s splash
Off a cotton candy swing
Rabbit in the hat
With Laughing Sal cackling
One man band
Monkey playing tambourine
Toss a dime
Hear the barker sing

Chorus: (Repeat)

Bridge: Wham bam ala Kazam
Eenie meanie chilly beanie
Trissel, trassel, trussel, trome
Time for this one to come home

Verse #3: Wild mouse off the track
Tea cup to float away
Into the clown’s mouth
Making our escape
Slipping, sliding,
Smoke and mirrors tunneling
Out on the midway
Hear the barker sing

Chorus: (Repeat)

Bridge: (Repeat)