From the recording Pajama Party A Go-Go

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Verse #1: Cigarette girl lights your smoke
Tip the Maitre D’
Velvet booth at the midnight show

Burlesque girls dance in a cabaret
White feather plumes
Cover pasties in the shape of spades

Leopard print mink stole
Gin scented mist
Lounge full of whales
With sharks outside the door

Chorus: Neon lights glitter city
Seduce your eyes
Neon lights glitter city
Ghosts will arise
Neon lights glitter city
Morning noon and night
Their moving in fast
Going for the cash
Screwing Lady Luck
While pinching your stash! Ehh!

Verse #2: One armed bandits
Town wasn’t built on winners
Jackpot fever
Someone’s got to lose
Boys from Chicago
Penguins in tuxedo
Making an offer
You cannot refuse
Cover your mark
No prayer for the lost souls
Tumbleweeds blow over a shallow grave

Chorus: (Repeat)

Bridge: I play for blood, I play for keeps
All the money I made came from hustling the street
I’m all in, so you’d better think twice
If you’re gonna cheat me
You’ll end up on ice

Chorus: (Repeat)