From the recording Pajama Party A Go-Go


Verse #1 Would you like a dry martini
Champagne or glass of wine
Feather boa Get to know ya
Will make our own Shangri-la

Chorus: Pajama Party A Go-Go baby
Come as you are, you’ll fit in fine
Pajama Party A Go-Go baby
Step into my closet and free your mind

Verse #2 Would you like some marabou slippers
So I can paint your toes
Rub your back Rub your feet
So you can walk all over me
To powder you nose

Chorus: (Repeat)
-drum break-

Laying there in your peignoir
Vargas girl Painting by Renoir
High heeled contessa
Rhinestone Eleza
Cleopatra’s Kingdom
Made up like a geisha

Verse #3 (repeat verse #1)

Chorus: (Repeat)