From the recording Like No Other

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Verse 1:
Big Bone Daddy
Pulls up in a Caddy
Wide brim hat
Tuck ‘n roll looking natty
Spoke wheels shining
Alligator shoes, purple cape
And a studded cane
Brown Bag Betty
Tin to make her steady
Puttin’ on her lips
Main Street get ready
Bell bottom blues elevator shoes
Halter top and jewelry

Chorus: Every day’s a showdown
Hit me with the lowdown
The man has got you on the run
My share don’t take it
I get paid to fake it
Hookers and handguns

Verse 2: Big Bone Daddy’s
Cruising in his Caddy
Hand off the wheel
Lighting up a fatty
White walls screaming
Gold tooth gleaming
Drinking Absolute and lemonade
Brown Bag Betty puckered up
It gets heavy
In her purse a flask
To mask the taste
Big Bone Daddy’s
Cruising in his Caddy
I’m the only one
Who’s looking out for me

(repeat chorus)

Verse 3: Brown Bag Betty Big Bone Daddy
On the boulevard in a gold flecked Caddy
Betty hits the flask
Daddy tokes the fatty
Casino lights in the rain
Where’s my money bitch
Relax Big Daddy
Betty takes a blast
I’m your money makin’ lady
Cool your fuckin’ heels
Don’t try an’ get shady
You’re not gonna do me
Like you did Sadie

(repeat chorus)

Hookers, handguns